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Rent a Throne Chair and Feel Like Royalty for Your Special Event

Virginia Shelley
8 minute read

Renting a throne chair can elevate your next special event into a majestic affair. By incorporating a luxurious throne into your wedding, prom, anniversary, or other celebration, you can make it truly memorable for you and your guests. Unlike purchasing a throne outright, renting allows you to add grandeur on any budget.

Throne rentals offer convenience, cost savings, and versatility. Rather than splurging on a throne you may only use once, renting enables you to affordably match the style and elegance of your event.

Rent Royal Thrones for Your Special Event

Renting luxurious thrones is an excellent way to elevate any special occasion and give it a royal flair. Rather than breaking the bank to buy extravagant seats, you may only use once, renting thrones provides an affordable option to make your event memorable. With so many throne rental companies offering varied styles at reasonable prices, it is easy to add majesty to your wedding, prom, anniversary party, or other celebration.

One of the biggest benefits of renting thrones is the cost savings. Purchasing hand-carved, gold-gilded chairs with plush upholstery and regal designs can carry hefty price tags stretching into the thousands. Rental thrones offer similar elegance and luxury at a fraction of the cost. Most reputable rental companies provide delivery, setup, and pickup, so you avoid transportation hassles and storage issues post-event. Throne rentals allow you to channel your budget into other event elements like catering, decor, and entertainment.

Renting also provides convenience and versatility to suit any theme or venue. Rather than being limited to family heirloom chairs that may not fit your event’s style, renting opens up numerous options. Need sparkling gold thrones with jewel accents to match your Great Gatsby-themed wedding? Want to complement your venue’s modern architecture with sleek leather and chrome thrones? The wide selection of rental thrones makes it easy to coordinate with your event’s overall aesthetics. Rental companies can deliver thrones directly to your chosen venue, eliminating the hassles of transporting cumbersome chairs yourself.

Another major advantage of rentals is the ability to accommodate different quantities and sizes. For lavish ceremonies or receptions, you can rent a pair of identical thrones to position the bride and groom or honored guests. Or reserve a single striking throne as a photo backdrop or focal point. Rentals allow you to scale up or down. Rather than cluttering your home with multiple thrones after your event, simply return the rentals when finished.

Different Types of Thrones Chairs

When renting thrones, you have ample options to find the perfect chairs to suit your event. From classically ornate to modern minimalist, throne rentals come in varied materials, sizes, and designs. Consider the overall style you want to achieve, as well as functional factors like portability and seating capacity, when selecting rental throne types.

Best Rent A Throne Chair

Carved Wood Thrones

Carved wood thrones exude old-world royalty with hand-sculpted details, message scroll work motifs, and intricately turned legs. Often made of oak, walnut, or mahogany, the warm, natural wood tones complement outdoorsy or vintage-inspired weddings and events. These substantial thrones make impressive focal points yet can be cumbersome to transport. Best for more rustic, countryside ceremonies or favoring timeless elegance over contemporary looks.

Upholstered Thrones

For luxurious comfort, upholstered throne chairs feature plush padding, tufted backs, and velvet or brocade fabric. Choose richly colored fabric like crimson red or sapphire blue for a striking visual impact. The cushions make these thrones comfortable for prolonged use during long ceremonies or receptions. Upholstered thrones convey refinement and are easier to move than solid wood.

Acrylic Thrones

See-through acrylic thrones have a light, airy aesthetic perfect for modern, minimalist events. Acrylic styles often feature clean lines and geometric shapes for sleek, contemporary appeal. Lucite is a popular acrylic option, providing crystal clarity. While thinner and more lightweight than wood thrones, acrylic still makes a dramatic transparent statement piece.

Metallic Thrones

Metallic thrones lend glamour and luxury, making them ideal for Gatsby-era or Hollywood-themed soirees. Look for thrones plated in gleaming gold or silver leaf, some with jewel or crystal accents. Splurge on a gold throne to mimic King Midas or channel Egyptian royalty on obsidian black thrones. Metallic thrones make awesome photo backdrops and bold focal points.

Double Throne Chairs

Two-seater double thrones are perfect for pairing brides and grooms or honored guests side-by-side. Look for identical his-and-hers thrones or a king and queen set with different masculine and feminine details. Keep proportions in mind – some double thrones can appear uncomfortably narrow. Measure seating capacity ahead of time if planning to share with another.

Kings Queen Gold And White Double Royal Throne Chair

Throne Style Chairs

Throne style chairs borrow regal elements like tall backs, rolled arms, and decorative upholstery details while remaining single chairs, rather than a bench. Often more lightweight and portable than a full throne, these hybrid chairs add flair without the bulk. Great for head tables to designate the guest of honor or sprinkling through reception seating.

Kids & Mini Thrones

Let pint-sized royals rule with miniature thrones sized just for them! Kids will love getting their solo throne moment for birthday photos or feeling like the star of their own fairy tale party. Mini thrones work for kids up to about age 10. Choose plush, low-to-the-ground versions for toddlers and tiny tots.

The variety of throne rental options makes it easy to match your perfect regal chairs to your event theme, venue, and seating requirements. Consider the theme, tone, and style of your event, as well as the preferences of your guests. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect throne chair to elevate your event to royal heights.

Rental Thrones for Weddings

Including throne rentals in your wedding elevates the entire affair and makes it feel extra momentous. Luxurious thrones convey the significance of the occasion and add symbolic meaning as you start your life together on equal thrones. Renting is also more affordable than purchasing elaborate chairs. Some style tips:

Rent Thrones for Proms

Renting ornate thrones for prom instantly makes photos worthy of royal treatment. Capturing your big night on a majestic gold throne or intricately carved chair escalates traditional prom poses into something spectacular. Throne rentals also fit most high school budgets.

Prom comes once in a lifetime, so make the photos worthy of royalty on a majestic throne rental! For high schoolers, renting thrones captures lasting memories without the steep price tag.

Add Grandeur to Anniversaries with Rental Thrones

Commemorate reaching an impressive milestone year by quite literally seating yourself and your spouse like royalty on rented thrones. The majestic chairs inject grandeur and elegance into anniversary events.

Pink Princess Throne Chair For Toddlers

Themed Events

Draw inspiration from royal eras, movies, or pop culture for themed events. Channel your inner princess on a petite, velvet-upholstered throne decorated with sparkling accents. Opt for pink or gold hues for a fairy tale vibe. Or recreate iconic on-screen moments by renting a Game of Thrones-style dragon throne.

Kid-Friendly Options

For family events, add mini thrones sized for children so they can also feel part of the special occasion. Little girls will love feeling like royalty atop a miniature Cinderella-style throne. Choose plush, stable thrones low to the ground for tiny tots.


Capture glamorous anniversary photos seated regally on a princess throne, complete with scepter and crown props if desired. The ornate chair makes you feel like royalty while creating a playful, photogenic backdrop. For big groups, choose lighter acrylic or lucite thrones that allow more people to fit in a frame.

Pretty In Pink Princess Throne Chair

Renting throne chairs can add elegance and luxury to any special event, all while keeping costs budget-friendly. With a wide variety of throne styles and sizes, it is easy to find the perfect regal chairs to match your unique celebration. Coordinate throne rentals thoughtfully to complement your venue, theme, and decor.

Whether you are planning a fairy tale wedding, an unforgettable prom night, or a milestone anniversary, sharing the experience seated on majestic thrones makes it feel even more momentous. Capture lasting photos and memories feeling like royalty beside your loved ones. Throne rentals offer convenience and affordability to elevate any occasion into something extraordinary.  

Give your next special event the royal treatment it deserves. Bring grandeur, refinement, and regal flair by incorporating high-end throne rentals designed to impress, yet fit your budget. Reign over any celebration in true luxury and style with elegant throne chair rentals.