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The Best Bellvern Dining Tables and 8 Chair Sets for Stylish Dining Rooms

Virginia Shelley
9 minute read

A bellvern dining table and 8 chairs set bring style and ample seating to your home. With the right table and chairs, you can comfortably accommodate family dinners, holiday gatherings, and dinner parties. Choosing the perfect set requires factoring in your space, seating needs, and personal style. Today, we’ll explore what to look for when shopping for an 8 person dining set. 

From budget picks to lavish styles, you can find a table and chairs to suit your home. With careful selection, your new dining set will lend sophistication and practicality to your space for years to come.

Rather than settling for a cramped table or mix-matched pieces, let us guide you in finding a cohesive and properly-sized bellvern dining table and chairs set. We’ll outline the benefits, considerations, and options to equip you to choose your ideal 8 person dining furniture. You’ll gain the knowledge to select pieces tailored to your space, seating requirements, and design taste.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Dining Set

Choosing the perfect bellvern dining table and 8 chairs set for your home requires careful consideration of several key factors:

Size of the Dining Room

Measure the dimensions of your dining space before shopping. An 8 person dining set needs ample room for the table and chairs when seated, as well as clearance for movement. Consider not just the table size but the depth and width of the chairs when pushed in. For smaller dining rooms under 12 x 14 feet, a 6 person set or bench seating may be a better fit.

Regular Seating Capacity

Think about your regular mealtime headcount as well as occasional larger gatherings. If you’ll often just need seating for 4-6 people, a table with leaves to expand the size as needed makes sense. For large families or frequent dinner parties, an 8 person set ensures everyone can sit comfortably.

Style Preferences

Dining sets come in a range of aesthetics – from modern and contemporary to traditional styles like a farmhouse. Choose a style aligned with your home’s current decor and architecture. Measurements like table height, chair shape, and materials should complement your existing furnishings.


8 person dining sets span a wide spectrum of budgets from under $500 to over $5000. Less expensive sets typically feature materials like metal, glass, and manufactured wood laminates in simple designs. For higher quality solid wood furniture with intricate detailing, expect to invest more. Establish a comfortable budget before shopping.

Benefits of an 8 Person Dining Set

Owning a dining set with ample seating for 8 guests offers many advantages:

The right 8 person dining table and chairs make entertaining effortless while meeting your daily kitchen seating requirements. Maximizing seating capacity also gets full use from large dining spaces.

Consider your needs and priorities to select the perfect set to suit your lifestyle. With some forethought on size, style, and budget, you can find the ideal bellvern dining table and 8 chair set for your home.

Different Types of Dining Sets for 8 People

When seating 8 guests, you have numerous options for dining set styles and materials. From rustic wood to sleek glass, the table and chair finishes you choose make a statement. Consider the pros and cons of popular dining set materials to select the right look for your home.

Bellvern Extendable Dining Table

Wood Dining Tables

A wooden dining table anchors the room with warmth and traditional charm. Oak, maple, and walnut are all attractive hardwood choices.

Glass Top Dining Tables

Glass dining tables have a lightweight, airy presence. Tempered glass tops are thick and durable.

Marble & Stone Dining Tables

For natural beauty and luxury, marble, granite, and other stone materials make stunning dining tables.

Metal & Wire Dining Sets

From wrought iron to aluminum, metal 8 person dining sets are casual, durable options. Perfect for indoor/outdoor use.

Styles of 8 Person Dining Sets

With seating for 8 people, you have ample design flexibility to choose a dining set matching your home’s style. From modern to farmhouse, explore popular aesthetics when shopping for your new table and chairs.

Rustic Wood Plank Dining Table Paired And 8 Chairs Set

Farmhouse Style

Give your dining space a cozy, countryside feel with farmhouse styled furniture.

Modern Style

Clean lines and geometric forms make modern dining sets sleek and contemporary.

Industrial Style

Exposed pipes, galvanized metal, and unfinished wood give dining sets an urban loft aesthetic.

Mid-Century Modern

For retro appeal, mid-century styling balances sleek and organic.

A vast range of aesthetics is available for 8 person dining sets. Choose a style aligning with your home decor and architecture for a cohesive dining space.

Choosing Dining Chairs for 8

When choosing chairs to accompany your new 8 person dining set, prioritize comfort, functionality, and style. The chairs should integrate seamlessly with your table while providing ample support for lingering family meals. Consider the pros and cons of arm vs side chairs along with material and padding options. Chairs that balance aesthetics, versatility, and comfort will serve you well for years to come.

Bellvern Dining Table And 8 Chairs Set

Arm Chairs vs Side Chairs

Arm chairs provide side support and a touch of coziness with their wrapped around sides. This can benefit older family members who need help standing up. The arms also give a more substantial presence than armless side chairs. However, the additional space armchairs occupy means they may not fit as efficiently around your table.

Side chairs maximize seating capacity, and you can always push two side chairs together to create a makeshift loveseat. If your dining set will be used frequently for large gatherings, the flexibility of armless side chairs may serve you better.

Upholstery and Padding

When considering padding and upholstery, balance comfort, durability, and style. Plush padded cushions offer indulgent comfort but limit your decorating flexibility. Leather makes a sleek statement and wears well over time. But leather also comes at a higher price point and limits color options. Upholstered fabric chair seats enable pattern mixing and add softness.

Keep fabric durability and stain resistance in mind though. For a streamlined look and easy to wipe clean, unpadded wooden seats work well but may leave sitters sore during lengthy dinners.

Woven and Textural Materials

Natural textural materials like rattan and jute offer greater breath ability in warmer months while providing pleasing visual depth. A potential downside is snagging delicate fabrics on any exposed edges or splinters. Mixing some woven seating in with other upholstered chairs lends the set an organic touch. Upholstered seat pads can also be added to wicker chairs for extra comfort.

When pairing chairs with the Bellvern extendable dining table, opt for sleek, contemporary styles that complement the table’s modern design. The space-age pedestal base and rounded corners call for chairs with similar mid-century flair.

Sculptural tapered legs add a retro chic vibe. Molded plastic or acrylic chairs, potentially with upholstered seat pads, keep things streamlined and breezy. Going for an eclectic mix and match look, choose chairs with different shapes but unified through color, finish or material. This allows you to incorporate various aesthetics, from industrial metal to organic rattan and woven seats.

Above all, make sure the chairs you select are stable, sturdy, and sized appropriately for both the table height and your ceiling clearance. Pull up the chair specifications and compare dimensions against your Bellvern table to ensure a proportionate fit. Test chairs in the store for comfort and bring home fabric samples to visualize the colors in your existing space.

Choosing dining chairs tailored to your needs, decor, and body type will elevate your entire 8 person dining experience. After all, you want seats everyone looks forward to sinking into for family meals and special celebrations.

Decorating and Styling Your 8 Person Dining Space

Once your new dining set arrives, it’s time to pull together a cohesive, stylish dining space. Carefully chosen accents like rugs, lighting, and tableware elevate the look while enhancing functionality.

An area rug anchors the table and chairs, defining the dining space within an open concept room. Solid colored rugs work well for most decors or pick up an accent hue from your chairs or wall color. Just make sure there’s enough floor space to easily pull chairs out.

Overhead pendant lighting illuminates the table for meal prepping while also providing the opportunity to make a design statement. Multi-bulb fixtures cast ample ambient lighting. Opt for adjustable height to customize placement over your new table.

Strategically placed artwork lends character to the surrounding walls. Frame a series of graphic botanical prints for an organic vibe or opt for an oversized oil painting as a striking focal point. Floating wall shelves filled with decorative plates also add visual interest.

Place plants in empty floor space between the dining table and walls. The surrounding greenery softens hard surfaces and adds life. Opt for low-maintenance varieties – you don’t want leaves dropping into your soup!

Outfit your table with dinnerware, glasses, and linens that coordinate with your decor. Bring in color and pattern through intricately patterned plate sets and woven chargers in complementing hues. Whatever your style, thoughtfully curated accents transform your 8 person dining set into an inviting space for gathering around and breaking bread with loved ones.

Shopping for Your 8 Person Dining Set

Once you’ve settled on the perfect table and chair styles for your needs, it’s time to head out and start shopping. But before visiting furniture showrooms or browsing online, take some key preparatory steps to make your shopping trip successful.

First and foremost, accurately measure your existing dining space. Note the room’s length, width, and ceiling height. Compare these dimensions against the product specifications of any dining sets you consider purchasing. An 8 foot long table won’t fit in a 7 foot wide room! This allows you to immediately narrow down options to appropriately sized furniture.

Also measure doorways, halls, staircases, and elevators that the table and chairs will need to pass through. Large furniture pieces may require specialty shipping or delivery. If your dining room has any quirks like an awkward corner or low hanging light fixture, mark these down so you can visualize layouts.

Browse options across furniture stores like IKEA and Ashley Furniture or online retailers like Wayfair, Overstock, and Amazon. Brick and mortar locations allow you to see and touch products in person. Online opens up more selection and easy price comparisons, but be sure to carefully review shipping policies, especially for heavy items.

As you evaluate dining sets, cross reference your style preferences, ideal materials, and budget parameters you previously established. Narrow down the choices to a few front runners. Visualize how the finishes and silhouettes will look in your existing decor. With upfront planning and measurements, finding a dining set tailored to your space and style is smooth sailing.