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Best Companies for Throne Chair Rental in Houston, TX

Virginia Shelley
6 minute read

Throne chair rentals in Houston have become an increasingly popular option for events like weddings, parties, corporate gatherings, and more. The regal aesthetic of an ornate throne chair allows hosts to feel like royalty on their special day. Renting throne chairs is a unique way to add luxurious flair and highlight VIP guests.

Whether you are planning a wedding, corporate event, or other occasion, this post will help you find the perfect throne chair rentals to elevate your event in Houston.

Why Rent Throne Chairs for Your Houston Event?

Renting throne chairs can elevate your event to create a truly royal and luxurious aesthetic. These ornate chairs allow hosts to feel like kings and queens on their special day, adding an air of importance and ceremony.

There are several key reasons why throne chair rentals are a fantastic choice:

Where Can I Rent a Throne Chair in Houston Texas?

Houston offers a range of exceptional throne chair rental companies to help create a regal ambiance for any special event. From lavish weddings to upscale corporate dinners, the right throne chairs will take your occasion to the next level of sophistication and luxury.

Rental King And Queen Throne Chairs

We have curated the top throne rental companies in Houston known for their outstanding selection:

Aztec Events & Tents

Aztec Events & Tents is renowned for its ornate, high-end throne chair rentals that are perfect for lavish events and weddings. They offer beautifully crafted thrones with tall, decorative backings and luxe fabrics like velvet or brocade. Their collection of gold and silver-leafed thrones accented with gemstones will make any Houston bride and groom feel like royalty.

Their phone number, (713) 699-0088, is your gateway to reserving the perfect throne chair for your event.

Poppin Parties

For clients wanting to add regal flair on a budget, Poppin Parties offers affordably priced throne chair rentals. Their inventory includes elegant white and gold thrones, silver thrones with tufted backs, and blush pink throne chairs accented with rose gold. Poppin Parties is a great option for any Houston event needing to rent thrones without breaking the bank. To explore their offerings, call (713) 955-4051.

Cloud 9 Collective

With its vast rental inventory, Cloud 9 Collective offers one of the most diverse selections of throne chairs in Houston. From sleek, modern acrylic lucite thrones to ornately carved wooden thrones, they have an endless variety of unique chair styles to choose from. Their rentals include popular tufted thrones along with quirky-themed thrones to match any party motif. You can reach them at (713) 913-4456 for more information.

Jereabe Party Rental

Jereabe Party Rental specializes in weddings and Quinceañeras. Their expansive collection of throne chairs includes stunning backdrops and decorative accents like floral garlands, chandeliers, pillars, and steps – everything you need to create a majestic throne area. Jereabe is the perfect one-stop rental shop for Houston brides wanting a full royal throne set up.

You can reach out to them at (832) 805-3131 for inquiries and reservations.

Sugar Daze Cakery and Party Rentals

Sugar Daze offers whimsical throne chair rentals that are ideal for kids’ parties, baby showers, and lighthearted events. Their inventory includes fairytale styles like Cinderella carriage chairs, unicorn horns, princess canopies, and more. For Houston clients planning a magical party theme, Sugar Daze has the cutest throne chair options kids will love. To learn more, give them a call at (281) 217-1737.

Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional preferences for explaining the throne rental companies relevant to Houston event needs. I can update the descriptions further.

Throne Chair Rental Costs, Sizes, and Styles

When renting throne chairs for your Houston event, there are a few key factors to consider regarding costs, sizes, and styles. Having this information upfront will help you select the perfect thrones and stay within your budget.

Throne Chair Rental

Costs and Price Ranges

In Houston, throne chair rental pricing often ranges from $20 – $200 per chair for a single-day rental. Here are some typical price points:

Pricing varies based on the level of detail and materials used in the throne design. Renting for multiple days or weeks reduces the daily rental rate. Delivery, setup, linens, and add-ons are usually additional fees.

Houston throne companies can provide custom quotes factoring in all needs and details for your event. Expect throne chair rental to cost a small fraction of purchasing them.

Common Throne Chair Sizes

Houston rental companies offer thrones in these general sizes:

Measure your space and factor in the sizes of special guests to select the right throne dimensions. Know that sizes may vary slightly by the rental company.

Throne Chair Materials

Houston rentals offer diverse throne materials like:

Consider the pros and cons of each material for your Houston event. Communicate any specific needs to the rental company.

Throne Chair Styles

There are endless throne chair styles available for rent in Houston, like:

Setting Up Throne Chairs At Your Houston Event

Selecting and positioning throne chairs thoughtfully is key to creating a dramatic focal point at your Houston event. Follow these tips for setting up stunning throne seating:

For head or sweetheart tables, allow enough throne chairs to seat the main guests of honor. Cater to the largest party with 2-person loveseat thrones as needed. Pair thrones with decor elements like draping, chandeliers, uplighting, flower arrangements, and backdrops to fully transform the space into a majestic throne area.

Strategically place thrones for maximum visibility. Position them on a raised stage or platform so guests can clearly see the VIPs seated there. Face thrones towards the main event area so attendees’ eyes are drawn to the important head table.

When possible, avoid seating guests with their backs to the crowd. If space is tight, supplement throne chairs with standard reception chairs on the sides to open up visibility.

Go for bold throne arrangements that make a statement. Opt for contrasting throne sizes and styles to create an eye-catching vignette. Mix metallic gold and silver thrones with white thrones accented by floral garlands. Add height with varied chair backings and pedestals.

For kids’ parties, configure a princess throne chair facing other brightly colored pint-sized thrones to delight young guests. Transport adults into a fantasy world with vivid, whimsical throne seating.

Take time to visualize your throne layout and decor vision. Share your ideas with the rental company and venue ahead of time to make sure everything is arranged perfectly. Your throne area is sure to be the talk of the event when you maximize its dramatic impact with a strategic setup!