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Tan Accent Chairs Shopping Mistakes to Avoid for Your Living Room

Virginia Shelley
5 minute read

Selecting accent chairs to complement your living room decor can be an exciting endeavor. However, it’s easy to make mistakes when overwhelmed by the options. We’ve found tan accent chairs are a popular choice to warm up a space and add comfort without overwhelming the design. But there are pitfalls to avoid when shopping that could derail your goals for a pulled-together look. 

In this guide, we’ll share insider tips to help you avoid common traps and find the perfect tan accent chairs to give your living room the uplifting style you’re after. By learning what to look for and what to avoid, you’ll feel confident in choosing durable, versatile chairs that seamlessly fit your vision.

How Do I Choose an Accent Chair for My Living Room?

Choosing the perfect accent chair for your living room requires considering your space, existing furniture, and desired aesthetic.

When determining the right scale, first look at the dimensions of your space. Chairs that are too large will overpower the room, while undersized chairs can get lost and feel insignificant. As a general rule, accent chairs work best when they take up about one-third to one-half of your sofa’s dimensions. So for example, if you have a 6-foot sofa, aim for chairs around 2 to 3 feet wide.

You’ll also want to account for traffic flow and existing furniture placement. Make sure there’s adequate walkway space around chairs and that they align pleasingly with couches, ottomans and other pieces.

Pay attention to seat height as well, low loungers can make a room feel grounded, while taller chairs lend an airy, light quality. Test different heights by sitting on floor models at furniture stores.

Scale and proportion are more important than sticking to traditional “living room sets.” Mixing complementary chair styles and sizes thoughtfully arranged can make the space more dynamic.

Choosing the Right Upholstery Material for Your Accent Chairs

One of the primary considerations in selecting accent chairs is the fabric used for the seat and back cushions. The appropriate fabric may add sophistication to a room, while the wrong one might bring down the overall style. Here are the most common options, along with their pros and cons:


Leather is a luxurious material that wears beautifully over time. It is also inherently upscale and pairs nicely with traditional decor. However, leather can feel stiff and get hot, especially in warm climates. Faux leather is a budget-friendly alternative that offers many of the same benefits as real leather.

Tan Leather Accent Chair


Fabric is the most versatile upholstery material, offering a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures. Fabric upholstery is also known for its softness and comfort. Some popular fabric choices for accent chairs include velvet, linen, chenille, and tweed. Performance fabrics are also available that are designed to resist stains and spills.

Tan Fabric Accent Chair


Blends offer the best of both worlds, combining the durability of leather with the softness of fabric. Tufted designs add depth and style, while nailhead trim provides classic embellishment.

Leather Fabric Accent Chair

Here are some tips for choosing the right upholstery material for your accent chairs:

You should always check out upholstery fabric in person before making a purchase. You can examine the fabric’s color, texture, and durability with this method.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind when choosing upholstery material for your accent chairs:

  1. Scratch tests on small swatches can help you check the quality of leather.
  2. Fabrics should have tight, resilient weaves.
  3. While trends come and go, quality craftsmanship lasts. Invest in timeless over trendy fabrics.
  4. Neutrals like tan leather or textured cotton provide longevity, working with most aesthetics.

Should Accent Chairs be Comfortable?

When shopping for accent chairs, it’s easy to get swept up in stylish designs and trendy upholstery while forgetting about comfort. But you’ll be doing your living room and your body a disservice if you ignore ergonomics. Tan accent chairs can both anchor a space aesthetically and provide cozy, supportive seating.

Don’t assume that chairs that look sleek and minimalist can’t also be comfortable. Testing furniture in person is key; don’t rely on photos alone. Sit in display models for at least 10 minutes to gauge cushion density and lumbar support. Chairs should contour to your shape without sagging or being overly stiff.

Quality cushion materials like memory foam and down deliver plush comfort while retaining resilience. Tightly woven upholstery prevents filling from clumping or compressing. Sturdy frames with reinforced joinery are more enduring.

Consider padded arms wide enough to rest the forearms without cutting into circulation. Adjustable heights allow you to customize comfort levels. Chairs on casters promote healthy movement and circulation, while stationary models provide stability.

Not Considering Your Design Style

Accent chairs should complement the existing furniture and decor in the room, not clash with them.

Do accent chairs have to match in the living room? The answer is no. Accent chairs don’t have to match in a living room. In fact, it’s often better to mix and match styles to create a more visually interesting space. However, it’s important to make sure that the accent chairs still work together cohesively.

Choose tan accent chairs that complement your decor by following these recommendations.


If you have a traditional home, look for accent chairs with a classic silhouette and traditional details, such as tufted upholstery or carved wood frames.


Accent chairs with simple, straight lines will look great in a modern setting.


If you have a contemporary home, look for accent chairs with bold designs and unexpected details.


Accent chair types can be mixed and matched to create a one-of-a-kind effect in a home with eclectic decor.

You may create a fashionable and comfortable living area by following these tips while shopping for tan accent chairs.