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How To Open Up A Split Level Kitchen In 5 Easy Steps

Virginia Shelley
5 minute read

Remodeling a split level kitchen into an open concept can transform an outdated, closed-off space into a bright, modern dream home. With the right layout changes and design selections, homeowners can open up walls, improve flow, and create a stunning culinary showpiece. An open concept split level kitchen remodel comes with unique structural considerations but also provides exciting opportunities to reimagine how a kitchen functions.

We provide guidance through every phase of reimagining your split level kitchen. From assessing your home’s existing structure to budget-friendly tips for demolition and construction, we aim to inspire you with gorgeous layout ideas while arming you with the knowledge to tackle this major project.

Assessing Your Existing Split Level Kitchen Layout and Home Structure

Before embarking on an open concept split level kitchen remodel, the first step is to carefully evaluate your home’s existing structure and layout. This assessment will help uncover any limitations as well as reveal exciting possibilities for transforming your space.

Split Level Kitchen Remodel Ideas For Your House

Here are key considerations when examining your split level kitchen and adjacent areas:

Opening Up Walls and Reconfiguring Load-Bearing Elements

Bringing in a Structural Engineer

Evaluating Staircases, Ceiling Heights, and Doorways

Designing Your Open Concept Split Level Kitchen

Open Concept Split Level Kitchen Remodel

Once you have assessed your split level’s structure, it’s time for the fun part – designing the layout for your dream open concept kitchen! Here are key elements to consider:

Modernizing a Split Level Kitchen

Optimizing Kitchen Triangle Flow

Evaluating Layout Options

Maximizing Natural Light

Incorporating Modern Elements

Connecting Adjacent Spaces

Selecting Cabinets, Countertops, Appliances, and Finishes

When remodeling your split level kitchen into an open concept, your material and finish selections will bring your design vision to life. From cabinets to backsplashes, choose pieces that unify your style while optimizing functionality.

Turning a dated, closed-off kitchen into a sleek open space often requires entirely new cabinetry. Combining styles, colors, and finishes creates visual interest. Contrast painted uppers with rich wood lowers or mix recessed panel and glass front designs.

Countertop materials range from budget-friendly laminates to durable quartz and granite. Each has pros and cons to weigh regarding durability, maintenance, and cost. Appliances also provide opportunities to incorporate smart features and the latest technology.

Now, moving on to the details in each subsection:

Mixing Cabinet Styles

Countertop Materials

Latest Appliances

Remodeling Process and Contractor Tips

Careful planning and realistic budgeting from the outset prevents unexpected issues down the road. Hiring experienced contractors you can trust is key, along with maintaining clear communication throughout the renovation. There will inevitably be challenges unique to split levels, but being prepared is half the battle.

Budgeting adequately for a kitchen remodel is crucial. You’ll want to get multiple bids and compare costs for equipment, labor, permits, and more. Pad the budget with a 10-15% contingency for unforeseen expenses that pop up. And set aside funds specifically for new appliances, lighting, flooring – don’t spread yourself too thin.

When hiring contractors, vet several general contractors thoroughly first. Check their references and ensure they have experience with split level home renovations. Clearly outline all your project expectations in a detailed contract.

Living through the renovation requires flexibility and planning. You’ll need to plan for potential appliance delivery delays due to supply chain issues. Set up a temporary kitchen area for cooking during construction. Changes in schedule or plans often crop up with major remodels – be ready to adapt.

Inspiring Open Concept Split Level Kitchen Examples

When preparing for your own split level kitchen renovation, it helps to gather inspiration from other real-world projects. Analyzing the variety of layouts, styles, and budgets in these examples will inform your design process.

Awesome Split Level Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Remodeling a compartmentalized split level kitchen into an open, flowing space brings dramatic transformation. Seeing how other homeowners have tackled this project provides useful insight as you plan your own renovations. Browsing photos of different open concept layouts and styles helps you identify preferences. Reviewing actual budgets assists in setting realistic expectations.

Let’s explore two key sources of inspiration – layout/style variety and real homeowner budgets.

Layout and Style Variety

When researching design ideas, note differences in open concept floor plans. Compare galley, L-shaped, and island layouts. Pay attention to color schemes, cabinetry styles, and material choices that catch your eye. Pinpoint your ideal aesthetic – contemporary, modern, farmhouse. This helps focus your vision.

Real Homeowner Budgets

The cost of redoing a split level kitchen varies based on location, finishes, and needed structural work. Checking out budgets from similar projects provides a helpful cost comparison. Review the breakdown of expenses so you can anticipate costs. This allows you to set realistic goals for what is achievable within your finances.

Gaining inspiration from others’ open concept split level renovations will make your own design process smoother. For more examples, explore beautiful open concept kitchen living room floor plans.