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How to Choose the Right Outdoor Security Lighting for My Home

Virginia Shelley
3 minute read

Outdoor security lighting is an important consideration for any home. Properly placed and brightly illuminated lights can help deter intruders, illuminate walkways to prevent accidents, and make your property safer after dusk.

With so many options on the market, from bulb types to features to installation methods, choosing the right outdoor security lighting may seem daunting. But breaking down your needs step-by-step makes settling on the perfect lights for your home straightforward.

Determine Your Lighting Needs

When deciding on outdoor security lights, the first step is assessing your needs. Important factors to consider include:

Choose Fixtures Based on Bulb & Beam Type

Choosing The Right Outdoor Security Lighting

Once you know your basic requirements, selecting an outdoor security light fixture boils down to preferred bulb type and beam performance:

Bulb Types

Common options include:

Beam Angle & Spread

The beam angle indicates the width of light coverage. Lights with a:

Additional Features

Also, compare:

Compare Power Source Options

Outdoor security lighting runs on:

Consider solar or battery-powered lights for quick DIY installation. But for permanent security lighting, hardwired fixtures hooked to your home’s power supply work best.

Calculate Proper Positioning

Installing security lighting in smart positions is key. Important factors include:

Proper angles and heights provide optimal light distribution without nuisance glare or uneven bright and dark spots.

Decide on DIY vs. Professional Installation

You can either install outdoor security lights yourself or hire an electrician. DIY is cheaper but requires know-how. Professional installation costs more upfront but saves potential hassles. Either way, basic methods include:

Compare options to suit your setup process, wiring access, and desired placements.

Factor in Design & Additional Features

Also, consider aesthetics and extra capabilities when selecting outdoor security lighting:

The right design and features help the lights blend into your property visually while offering expanded functionality past just brightening up areas.

Set Your Budget

Outdoor security lighting has a wide range of prices. When setting your budget, factor in:

Weigh costs against the value added in security, visibility, ambiance, and convenience each light provides.

Choosing the optimal outdoor security lighting takes research and planning tailored to your home’s unique needs. But the peace of mind and protection the right lights provide make the effort well worth it for you and your family’s safety.