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DIY Command Strips for Kitchen Island with Shiplap

Virginia Shelley
6 minute read

Kitchen islands are popular focal points that provide function and style. The addition of shiplap can take your island from drab to fab with charming rustic flair. Shiplap offers a textured, eye-catching backdrop that pairs perfectly with modern, farmhouse, industrial, or vintage decor. With reclaimed wood or faux panels, DIY shiplap transforms ordinary kitchen islands into stylish statements. 

We’ll explore rustic, yet refined designs and materials to consider. You’ll find tips for installing shiplap accents on new or existing islands. With reclaimed wood or budget-friendly faux panels, DIY shiplap instantly adds charming texture and transforms your kitchen island into a stylish focal point that feels cozy yet refined.

Benefits of a Shiplap Kitchen Island

A shiplap kitchen island adds delightful rustic farmhouse charm to any space. The reclaimed wood planks provide:

Some key benefits of adding shiplap:

Overall, shiplap gives your kitchen island a warm, cozy flair. The vintage accent infuses style and functionality into your space. Friends and family will naturally gravitate to a shiplap-adorned island that exudes cottage charm and personality.

Design Considerations

When planning your shiplap kitchen island design, consider the size, layout, and functionality of your space.

Kitchen Islands With Shiplap

Island Size and Layout

How much surface area do you need for meal prep, seating, and storage? Allow adequate countertop space for tasks. An island with creative ideas for kitchen soffits can save room in small kitchens. Extend it into adjoining spaces. Place the island strategically to allow traffic flow. Leave enough clearance on all sides. Consider the shape – rectangles maximize the work area while curves soften the look.

Contrasting Finishes

Play up the texture of shiplap by pairing it with smooth countertops like quartz or marble. For drama, try glossy cabinets in navy or black. White painted cabinets keep the focus on the wood. Tile or stone backsplashes complement the farmhouse vibe. Stainless steel looks sleek and modern.

Functionality and Storage

Incorporate shelves or cubbies for storing cookware within easy reach. Cabinetry, drawers, and closed storage hide clutter. Prep sinks add convenience. Comfortable stools lined up on one side create casual seating for guests.

Lighting and Other Details

Pendant lights cast a cozy glow and highlight shiplap details. Go modern or vintage. Exposed beams, corbels, and trim marry with the rustic charm of reclaimed wood. Paint or stain shiplap to blend with your color palette and furnishings.

Shiplap Island Materials and Installation

When installing a shiplap accent on your kitchen island, you have choices for materials ranging from authentic to faux. Considerations include:

Stylish Accents and Decor

The perfect finishing touches can pull your shiplap kitchen island look together and infuse it with personality. Consider:

You can also carry the shiplap to bar height kitchen island with seating or surrounds for a coordinated look. Mixing metal, stone, brick, or tile prevents too much wood from feeling overbearing. The right accents and styling take your shiplap island from rustic to refined.

DIY Steps and Tips

Installing a shiplap on your kitchen island is an achievable DIY project with proper planning and preparation.

Planning and Preparation

Carefully measure your island to calculate the paneling needed. Account for edges and electrical outlets. Purchase quality reclaimed, MDF, or PVC shiplap boards in your preferred finish. Gather essential tools – saw, drill, level, tape measure, stud finder, caulk gun, sandpaper. Use painter’s tape to map out the panel layout if desired. Double check measurements. Set up a work table for cutting boards. Carefully cut panels to fit your layout.


Start with the bottom horizontal row. Use a level to ensure straight lines. Use construction adhesive to attach boards. Add finishing nails for extra strength. Leave 1/8″ gaps between each board. Use shims if needed for even spacing. Work row by row. Measure and cut boards to fit around corners and edges. Around outlets, carefully cut gaps for cords to pass through.

Finishing Touches

Fill any cracks and gaps with the painter’s caulk. Allow to dry fully. Lightly sand to smooth away excess dried caulk. Remove dust. Apply your choice of paint, stain, or sealer for protection and your desired look. Add cabinet hardware, fixtures, and styling accents as the finishing touch.

The warm, welcoming feel of Shiplap encourages connection and gatherings. Friends and family will naturally gravitate to your island as the lively hub of activity in your home. With personalized accents and finishes, you can design a timeless vintage-inspired space that reflects your taste. A shiplap island is guaranteed to inspire compliments and become your favorite room feature for years to come.

We hope you’ve been inspired to create your own beautiful shiplap island. With adequate planning and preparation, this is a very achievable project that will add style, function and value to your kitchen. Just think of the memories waiting to be made as meals are crafted, conversations are had, and bonds are strengthened around your cozy new gathering place.