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Broken Door Hinges? Here's How to Permanently Fix Stripped Screw Holes

Virginia Shelley
3 minute read

Having a door that doesn’t close properly due to stripped hinge holes can be endlessly frustrating. Fortunately, with a few common household items and some basic DIY skills, you can permanently repair stripped screw holes and get your door working properly again.

In this article, we’ll walk through how to diagnose and fix this irritating issue so you can get your door back on track.

Signs You Have Stripped Door Hinge Holes

There are a few clear signs that indicate you have stripped out hinge holes causing problems with your door:

Materials You’ll Need for the Repair

Fixing stripped hinge holes is an easy project with materials you likely already have at home:

Step-By-Step Guide to Filling Stripped Screw Holes

How To Fix Stripped Door Hinge Holes

Remove the Door from the Frame

Start by fully removing the door from the frame to gain easy access to the damaged hinge holes:

  1. Remove the hinge pins from the top and bottom hinges so the door can swing freely
  2. Lift the door up and off the frame and set it aside somewhere safe

Fill in the Stripped Holes

With the door removed, you can now fill in the enlarged, damaged holes:

  1. Pack the hole very tightly with toothpicks, golf tees, matchsticks, etc
  2. Cover the packed hole fully with wood glue, epoxy, or filler; let dry completely
  3. Once dry, use a saw or sharp knife to cut or sand the packed hole perfectly flush with the surface

Clean Out and Finish Filling the Holes

After packing the holes, finish filling any gaps or crevices:

  1. Clean out any dust, splinters, or debris from the hole
  2. Fill any remaining space in the hole with wood filler; allow to fully dry
  3. Sand the filled hole and surrounding area smooth for a seamless look

Prep and Paint the Patched Holes

Get your filled holes ready for paint to blend with the door frame:

  1. Coat the filled holes with primer and let dry thoroughly
  2. Paint the filled section with a color matching the existing finish

Rehang the Door

Once the patched holes are prepped and painted, you’re ready to rehang the door:

  1. Reinstall the hinges in their original positions on the door edge and frame
  2. Insert the hinge pins to remount the door
  3. Test opening and closing the door to ensure proper swing and latching

Other Ways to Fix Stripped Screw Holes

While packing holes is very effective, here are a couple other options for repairing stripped hinge holes:

Preventing Stripped Hinge Holes in the Future

To help avoid having to do this repair again down the road:

While a door with stripped hinge holes can be very annoying, fixing this issue is quite simple with basic tools and materials. Just follow the steps to properly pack and fill the holes, and your door will be reopened for business in no time! Let us know if this DIY door repair works for you.