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How to Choose the Best Fire Table with Hidden Propane Tank for Backyard

Virginia Shelley
5 minute read

Fire tables with hidden propane tanks have become increasingly popular backyard accessories. Their ambient glow and warmth make them an appealing addition to outdoor living spaces. You can explore the benefits of these concealed tank fire tables and get tips for selecting the model that best suits your needs.

The key advantage of fire tables with hidden tanks is their clean, uncluttered look. By keeping the propane tank out of sight below the table, they avoid the cluttered appearance of regular fire pits or tables with exposed tanks. This streamlined silhouette allows the gorgeous flames to take center stage as a focal point on your patio or deck. Beyond aesthetics, hidden tank models also incorporate safety features that reassure homeowners worried about open flames. With their reputation for beauty and security, it’s no surprise that fire tables with hidden propane tanks are a top trend in outdoor design.

All About Fire Table with Hidden Propane Tanks

Propane Fire Pit Table With Hidden Tank

Fire tables with concealed propane tanks provide all the ambient glow of a classic fire pit while avoiding the clutter of an exposed tank. These popular backyard accessories create an enthralling focal point without detracting from the surrounding decor. Here are some key benefits that set hidden tank fire tables apart:

Types of Hidden Tank Fire Tables

When selecting a fire table with a concealed propane tank, there are several variations to consider:

Built-In vs Freestanding

Freestanding table advantages:

Built-in table advantages:

Table Materials

Square Concrete Fire Pit With Hidden Propane Tank

Hidden tank fire tables come in a range of materials like:

Consider placement when choosing a material. Ceramic and concrete hold up better in poolside moisture, while metal withstands frequent use.

Shapes and Sizes

Round Concrete Fire Pit With Hidden Propane Tank

Larger fire tables can accommodate bigger tanks for longer burns. Measure your space before selecting a size.

Decorative Options

For added flair, many fire tables feature:

What to Consider When Choosing a Hidden Tank Fire Table

Selecting the ideal hidden tank fire table involves weighing several factors from safety to aesthetics. Consider the following when deciding on the perfect model:

One of the first aspects to consider is properly measuring the space where you plan to install the fire table. Be sure to leave ample clearance from seating areas, pathways, and structures. This will ensure you purchase a size that fits harmoniously with the existing layout.

For households with pets or small children, prioritize fire tables with safety features like automatic shut-off valves. This will cut off the gas supply if the flame is unexpectedly blown out, providing peace of mind. Also, opt for sturdy built-in or heavier freestanding models that won’t tip over accidentally.

Fire Table With Hidden Propane Tank

Fuel type is another key consideration. Propane offers portable convenience for freestanding units, while natural gas built-in models provide unlimited fuel without tank refills. Weigh the pros and cons of each when selecting which option best suits your needs and lifestyle.

Look for user-friendly ignition methods like electronic spark ignitions to light the fire with the push of a button. Match light models are more challenging and less safe.

When it comes to aesthetics, select a style that enhances your existing outdoor decor. For example, ornate metalwork takes a Mediterranean vibe up a notch. Or add an earthy concrete fire pit with hidden propane tank to complement casual living spaces. Shape and color also impact the look, so view options to discover your perfect match.

By taking the time to evaluate the safety, functionality, and appearance, you’ll discover the ideal hidden tank fire table like a round propane fire pit with hidden tank to create backyard memories for years to come.

Maintaining a Hidden Tank Fire Table

While hidden tank fire tables minimize hassles with their concealed fuel supply, proper maintenance is still required for optimal performance and safety. Here are key tips for care:

Always closely follow the manufacturer’s operating instructions for lighting, adjusting flame height, and extinguishing the fire. Never overfill the tank or let the fire burn unattended.

For safety, position the fire table on a level non-combustible surface away from structures and overhangs. Check that all connections are tightened properly before use and between refills.

Regularly clear away debris around the unit. Wipe down the table surface as needed with non-abrasive cleaners designed for the material. More extensive maintenance like replacing burner components should be performed by qualified professionals.

When not in use for prolonged periods, switch off the gas supply and cover the table to prevent weathering. Store propane tanks properly in a detached outdoor shed.

If trouble arises, common issues like a weak flame may indicate obstructed burner ports or low gas flow. Refer to troubleshooting tips from the manufacturer before attempting repairs.

With periodic care for cleaning, storage, and minor upkeep, a hidden tank fire table can provide a cozy ambiance and stand the test of time through all four seasons. Just be sure to make safety the top priority.